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Simply-track automates the process of requesting documents and creates an unbelievable user experience. Our solution is providing a secure one-stop-shop cloud platform that allows you and your clients to streamline the gathering of documents provided by your clients.


By doing so, you will significantly reduce the time spent on managing these tedious tasks and create a great user experience for your clients. It is simple, comprehensive, and affordable.


Thanks to Simply-track, you have now access to a tool which allows you to compete with the largest players in the market.

Awesome benefits


Time saving

Because your work is hard enough, spending time to reconcile your received documents or chasing clients can be a real problem.

Simply-track saves you a significant amount of time, especially when you don’t have much of it.


Save up to 40 hours our large or complex engagements.

Comprehensive features

Dynamic requests list

Integrate Simply-track for seamless, hassle-free communication with your clients. This web application places all your requests in a single, collaborative location. Features like real-time updating and team access management keep projects on time and eliminate miscommunications. This, in turn, ensures that your team focuses on productive work, not frustrating on outstanding-item reconciliations. 


Live reporting

Take advantage of a real-time top-down view of the entire engagement flow. Partners, Managers and other owners can instantly get meaningful insights into the engagement process with only a few clicks. Simple and meaningful information for faster and safer decisions.

Notification center

Need to remind your clients to communicate documents? Have questions that didn’t get answered?

Just send notifications tailored to the responsible individuals that still have pending requests. You can also easily decide whether to send it by individual entity or for the entire engagement in only one click.

Drag and drop

Upload a file with a simple drag and drop or Match entire folders or single files to requests as needed. During your engagement, you are also able to edit and validate them, all in the same platform. 

Simple engagement creation

Creating a new engagement or roll forward an existing engagement in a few clicks. Setting up your environment has never been easier. You can use previous engagement or setup customized templates in order to ensure that you are not wasting any time.

Easy communication

Improve your communication with clients by using our embedded chat or by leaving comments on specific requests, adding both easy clarification and important direction. Also, you can add comments sections dedicated to your teams without having to keep a separate internal list.

Secure and unbelievable access management

Use our built-in access management tool and provide the appropriate level of access to you, your team and your clients. Enjoy our highly secure architecture including two-factor authentication, bcrypt password hashing, strict-transport-security among other critical features.


Enhance client perception and security by creating custom sub-domains, branded with your name and logo. Customize outgoing emails to reflect your own approach and build trust with your most visible assets.

Security and Compliance


In order to ensure that our clients are safe when using Simply-track, we have dedicated a significant amount of energy building a secure environment for the Simply-track, for the documents it stores and for the data that are transferred.

Simply-track successfully underwent a SOC2 Type 1 report is an independent examination of the fairness of presentation and the suitability of the design of controls relevant to security and confidentiality of the customer data processed by Simply-track.


The data and the documents are stored in highly secure servers and backed up every day.

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Access limited to allowed users, MFA required and data restricted by your own team.

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Every data and documents  that we store is encrypted at rest and accesses are compliant with SOC 2 rules.

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