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Full stack business intelligence

made simple


Data analytics

Web development

Data engineering

Data architecture

We have, over the years, built dashboards, data pipelines and web applications. This experience offers significant expertise to the clients we serve, as well as valuable solution-oriented viewpoints. Whatever our clients’ needs, we always find the best solution, whether it’s an increase in efficiency, a decrease in operating cost or a recommendation for a specific provider, we strive to meaningfully improve productivity for each project we take on.

Additionally, we always provide comprehensive documentation regarding what fits best your needs and if anything changes along the way, our team can readjust to ensure that the result is optimal.


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simply-bi approach: Application driven

Cast a new light on your company with a reliable productivity tool, a follow-up of your financial KPIs, or a deep analysis of your client's base to bring your company to the next level.


Expertise. Intuition. Ingenuity.



Secure and Efficient

Simply-track automates the process of requesting documents and creates an unbelievable user experience. Our solution is providing a secure one-stop-shop cloud platform that allows you and your clients to streamline the gathering of documents provided by your clients.

Full stack tailored business intelligence application

Powerful and Enlightening


Our expertise ensures that you get everything you need so that you can automate your data needs. No need to manage multiple teams, projects... We have it covered.

Unique web application


Elegant and Useful


From a formalization of your needs to a well-functioning application, simply-bi works with your teams to ensure the best results.


At simply-bi, we dedicate our expertise to simplify and build meaning into the daily activity of the companies that trust us. It is a very thrilling journey and our team is excited to share our products with you.

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