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Simply-bi: Standardization of your processes made simple

Who are we?

Founded based on over 10 years of experience in several industries and a passion for helping companies simplify their daily lives. We are a company that solves business problems with intelligence. We are passionate about programming and data, and are always curious to learn new approaches, and processes.

Unique position in the market

For any of our projects, whether it is to deploy one of our applications for your company or build a tailored application that fits your needs, we include a minimum of 10 hours of training to ensure your independence in managing your data.

How can we help?

Simply-bi is providing a full stack of solutions that always answer those critical questions:

  1. What tools fits your needs?

  2. How best to formalize and provide an application that you can fully own?

  3. How to ensure that the application is the most efficient and the models are the simplest possible?

We do not provide any services that are deviating from those core pillars of our approach. Additionally, in order to always be on top of all the new tools and platforms available, we spend a significant amount of time training and researching. 

Why is simply-bi different?

  1. We are PROACTIVE: we are not waiting that things get done and get paid for our passivity. We carry-on any projects you wish us to deploy and will apply all of our know-how to successfully and very efficiently achieve it.

  2. We are SHARING: we are not about hiding strategies or ideas but rather share with you how we will personalize, structure, and implement your projects.

  3. We are COMMITTED: when we work with you, we are partnering. We will make everything possible to make the projects great successes and we are not afraid to have a pricing structure that matches this commitment. No great success comes from a system, a person, or an idea alone. We believe that team work and partnership is the key to every meaningful and long lasting change.

What do we guarantee you?

  1. Unique insight - Our experts provide their expertise on data engineering and data analytics.

  2. 100% yours - Very well thought products focused on your needs and your team. Once the project is done, you will be able to handle the tool from start to end.

  3. Best in the market - Tested and compared, you will be given the tools that best fit your needs and your budget.

  4. Always connected - on your phone or on your laptop, at work or at home, you will always have the answers you are seeking.

  5. Secure - Because your data is not meant for anyone else to see, our deployments ensure that it stays this way.

  6. 360 training - Training for everyone: IT, operational, data analysts, experts or senior management, simply-bi provides tailored training that fits the level, the aspiration and the needs for each group.

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