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Voice analytics and reporting

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

At simply-bi, our objective is to provide access to business intelligence to as many companies as possible. We believe that voice reporting is the future of the analytics world and this is why the products we built include by default voice reporting. In this post, we are summarizing key points around the why and the how.

Are we on track?

Today, when CEOs wish to know if their companies are performing in line with the target, the process can be frustrating. We are talking about an average of six emails sent among different employees, between one and two reviews and six hours later, a first information is sent back.

Some companies have developed self-service reporting to make crucial information available to the C-suite and managers. This requires a lot of investment in tool and training.

Why voice analytics?

With the appropriate goals setting and validation, companies select on average five to ten key financial indicators. Voice analytics allows you to instantly have those indicators on your performance without the hassle.

Simplicity is important when deploying new tools in a company. Voice analytics does not need to be trained as the curious managers only need to ask their question at loud.

How to deploy voice analytics?

At simply-bi, our financial KPI products already include this functionality. In order to deploy it, our clients provide the following information:

1) List of top indicators (maximum of five)

2) List of periods to go over (month to month, month to date, year to date, etc.)

3) List of comparison points (external benchmark, previous periods, target, etc.)

4) Frequency of updates

From this list, we are updating our product and present a first taste of what their voice analysis could sound like. The client has a chance to provide feedback to add or change the analysis to better fit their need. Finally, we provide a guide and training for the organization in order to ensure that they can update this tool whenever needed.

Want more information?

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