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Full stack business intelligence

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

In a nutshell, Business intelligence, or BI, consists of the strategies and technologies used by a company for data analysis of their business information. BI aims to analyze past results, understand the impact of current activities, forecast future events, automate processes that are currently highly manual, and/or provide support in areas needing greater stability.

When a company wishes to develop a business intelligence application, it usually starts with a business expert that launches a project in association with a project manager (1). The first step is approving an approach to the process that fits with the company strategy. Once this path forward is validated, their role evolves to ensure that the expert’s needs, timeline, and objectives are fulfilled by the requisite in-house or outsourced teams.

The project manager’s main counterpart is the business intelligence solution architect (2). This solution architect ensures that the needs formalized by the project manager are feasible, based on the bandwidth of the different teams needed for the project (3).

The objectives are then reviewed and approved by all appropriate team members / decision-makers before development starts (4). Depending on the project, this process can include the opinions of data analysts, data engineers, data scientists, data managers and/or full stack web-developers (5).

Once developed, reviewed and approved, the project moves to business as usual: it will be assigned it to a technical team member, such as a data analyst (6), that will be working with the business users (7).

Specific job titles may vary change from company to company, and some roles might be condensed under one umbrella position, depending on company size and project complexity. Overall, however, this is how a company successfully travels from the inception of an idea to a deployed business intelligence application.

Again, some projects might be simple enough that they can be carried on quickly and requiring few team members, but when a company wants an appropriate business intelligence project to be carried on, it will go through a similar process.

With a partner like simply-bi, you can significantly increase the pace of your development as we take care of everything from the formalization of your needs, to the actual development of the application and training of your team. This is why a company like ours is so unique.

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